今日の美術館 プティ•パレ / Today’s museum Petit Palais


It would take a year and three months to visit all the museums in Paris… taking in 2 a week.
I decided to visit the Petit Palais which had been renovated not too long ago. 

Located between Avenue des Champs-Elysées and the Seine River, the museum is quite big but named Petit Palais (Small Palace) because across the street is another, and larger, museum named Grand Palais (Big Palace).
The collection of Petit Palais ranges wide, from Antiquity to the beginning of 20th century- but the forte is the 19th and 20th century art: IngresDelacroixCourbetCorotGauguinDoré and De Chavannes. Surrounded by these works, you can feel as though you are in Orsay museum but the viewing is more relaxed because of fewer people. Plus there is no entrance fee as this is a Paris city museum.



This scene of Les Halles, the old Paris market, is vivid with activity – figures talking and mixing everywhere. The artist, Léon Lhermitte, who was a master of Naturalism, loved painting open air scenes of labourers and farmers just as they looked. As you can see the worker’s classic bleu blousons stand out.

Les Halles today is a large shopping mall in the center of the city, but this area was a central food market until 1970 having existed since…  the 12th century. This picture is an important testament of disappeared Paris.




Petit Palais was built in 1900 for the occasion of the Universal Exposition. Art Nouveau style was very fashionable at that time; the iconic Paris metro entrances also date from that same year. Guimard, designer and architect, the best known Art Nouveau creator made 14 different apartment buildings and their interiors, in Paris, some examples of which are on view in the museum.

The painter of this work is unknown!
A strange sculpture, so grotesque!

This museum is a pure delight… don’t miss the lovely interior courtyard garden where you can dream with a café.




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